Scream: Ultimate CD Bundle (6-CD Box Set + CD)
Scream: Ultimate CD Bundle (6-CD Box Set + CD)
Scream: Ultimate CD Bundle (6-CD Box Set + CD)

Scream: Ultimate CD Bundle (6-CD Box Set + CD)

Release Date: 7/1/2022

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This bundle contains the Scream: Original Motion Picture Soundtracks (6-CD Box Set) and Scream (2022) (CD), available together at a discounted price, while supplies last.

Scream: Original Motion Picture Soundtracks (6-CD Box Set)

Scream was perfectly pitched when it came out in 1996: written by Kevin Williamson and directed by horror master Wes Craven, it was a self-aware send-up of the slasher genre as well as a perfectly executed example of it—and became a huge hit that defined a moment in time. It revitalized the horror genre and led to a franchise, with follow-up films Scream 2 (1997), Scream 3 (2000) and Scream 4 (2011), plus a fifth on the way.

Scream was the breakthrough score for Marco Beltrami, whose avant-garde orchestral techniques and cinematic instincts created a suspense–horror style perfectly suited for the franchise—and not surprisingly led to a major Hollywood career for Beltrami, still going strong. The score is eerie and creepy one moment, evocative and haunting the next—then lurches into pulse-pounding action. It is timeless and sophisticated, befitting modern concert music, while staying intense and pulse-pounding for contemporary audiences.

Beltrami returned for the second, third and fourth Scream films, all of which had their scores released by Varèse Sarabande. Now, all four Beltrami Scream scores are presented in definitive form across six CDs. The Deluxe Editions of Scream and Scream 2 are presented on discs one and two, respectively; an expanded, two-disc edition of Scream 3 is found on discs three and four; and an expanded edition of Scream 4 on disc 5. The sixth disc is an all-new, previously unreleased collection of alternates, outtakes and demos. Liner notes by Jim Lochner incorporate a new interview with the composer…and look for a “Ghostface” surprise in the packaging!

Limited to 1800 copies

Disc 1 (Scream):
1. Dimension Logo 0:18
2. The Cue From Hell 10:33
3. Trouble in Woodsboro 1:51
4. Sid's House 1:12
5. Red Herring 2:13
6. Killer Calls Sidney 2:52
7. Chasing Sidney 1:29
8. Cell Phone 1:00
9. Backdoor Gale 0:48
10. Schoolyard 2 1:17
11. Sid's Doubt 1:23
12. Bathroom 2:57
13. Mr. Himbry Gets It 2:11
14. Sheriff and Dewey 1:21
15. Tatum's Torture 2:46
16. Sidney Wants It 3:07
17. Dewey and Gale 1:57
18. Off to See Himbry 0:41
19. Killer Stabs Billy 2:49
20. Randy Almost Gets It 2:33
21. Gale Crashes the Van 1:33
22. They're Crazy 9:42
23. Sid Stabs Billy 4:24
24. Billy's Back 0:52
25. End Credits 1:39

Disc 2 (Scream 2):
1. Opening 0:47
2. Phil Scares Maureen 1:38
3. Maureen Steals the Show 1:47
4. Your Lucky Day 0:49
5. Check Out the News 1:05
6. Sid and Randy Talk 1:06
7. Introducing Gale Again 1:08
8. Sid and Dewey Talk 2:20
9. Dewey's Theme 1:39
10. Cici's Home 0:28
11. Cici Gets the Call 2:57
12. Cici Is Killed 2:36
13. Crime Scene 1:32
14. Sidney Is Attacked 2:50
15. Derek at Hospital 1:20
16. Killing Theories 1:30
17. Cassandra Aria † 2:16
18. Sid Runs Into Derek 1:37
19. Murder in the Van 4:06
20. Sid in Library 1:27
21. Cotton Confronts Sidney 2:13
22. Cops Question Cotton 2:53
23. Joel Quits 3:38
24. Dewey and Gale Attacked 6:42
25. Sid Says Goodbye 1:49
26. Sid Needs a New Roommate 6:40
27. Cassandra Reprise † 1:09
28. Showdown 3:17
29. The Big Showdown 8:00
30. Sid Kills Killer 2:46
31. More Lives Than a Cat 1:15
32. Scream 2 Theme 1:27

Disc 3 (Scream 3):
1. Here We Go Again 0:49
2. Cotton Car 2:25
3. 100% Scared 2:25
4. Cotton Gets Picked 2:21
5. Home on the Range 2:00
6. Gale Meets Kincaid 1:07
7. Gale Arrives 0:30
8. Sunset Pictures (Full Version)* 1:46
9. Dewey and the Gales 1:02
10. Gale Kicked Off Set 0:48
11. Dad Brings Home the Bacon 1:01
12. Sidney's Nightmare 1:56
13. BooBalicious 0:57
14. Candy Phone 1:53
15. Candy Ain't so Sweet 0:54
16. Kincaid at Crime Scene 0:50
17. Three Different Scripts 0:26
18. The Fall of Roman 1:09
19. Killer Calls Sidney 1:25
20. Gale Spies on Dewey 1:27
21. Comparing Photos 1:26
22. Stone Cold Dead 3:59
23. Roll With It 2:44
24. Sid Arrives 2:33
25. On the Set 0:47
26. Randy Speaks 2:51
27. Searching 1:03
28. Leia and the Stormtroopers 1:22
29. Sid in the Can 2:06

Disc 4 (Scream 3):
1. Home Sweet Home 1:46
2. Killer in the Closet 2:34
3. Mother's Room 0:59
4. The Fall Girl 1:09
5. Milton Takes Meetings 3:05
6. At the Station 3:14
7. Dewey Mobile (Full Version) 2:07
8. Roman Around 3:20
9. The Killer's Phone 2:20
10. Ghostface Attacks 2:24
11. Ghostface vs. Jennifer 1:16
12. Dewey Falls for Gale 2:20
13. Sidney's Call 3:20
14. Sidney Joins the Party 4:33
15. Sid and Ghostface 1:43
16. Boom Boom Out Go Lights 4:43
17. All in the Family 3:41
18. Sid Wears a Dress 2:47
19. Doppelgaler 1:00
20. Sid's Theme (reprise) 0:50

Disc 5 (Scream 4):
1. Stab 6 3:41
2. You're Not Real 5:44
3. Dewey in the Morning 0:29
4. Jenny's Phone Call 0:42
5. Dewey Cleans Up 0:32
6. Cheating on My Diet 2:09
7. Woodsboro 2010 0:43
8. When You Let Someone Go 1:36
9. It's My Rental 1:35
10. The Media Arrives 0:37
11. Interrogation 1:17
12. How's Gale 1:18
13. No Match for the Ninja 0:48
14. You Were Busy 1:09
15. In the Closet 1:42
16. Olivia Dies 4:33
17. Woodsboro Remake 0:21
18. Working Together 1:24
19. You Are the Message 3:14
20. Everything's Under Control 1:18
21. I Know How You Feel 2:30
22. Cameras Obscured 1:33
23. Gale and Ghostface 1:05
24. He's Making the Movie 0:36
25. Fuck Bruce Willis 2:16
26. You're a Survivor 4:27
27. The After Party 2:47
28. Make a Move 0:48
29. I'm Gay...If It Helps 1:17
30. Jill, Run! 1:54
31. I Got It, Right 3:58
32. This Is Making a Move 1:22
33. Your Ingenue Days Are Over 5:46
34. Sole Survivor 3:17
35. Touch and Go 2:52
36. You Just Won't Die 3:57
37. Don't Fuck With the Original 1:53

Disc 6 (Bonus Cuts and Extras):
From Scream:
1. Sid's Window
2. Gut Someone
3. Sid Looks
4. Billy Looks
5. Billy to Cell
6. Killer Calls Again
7. Bang Into Billy
8. Girl Talk
9. Video Store
10 Why She's Here
11. Billy Sting
12. Prescott's Car
13. Hairbrush
14. The Cue From Hell (orchestra only)
15. I Don't Care (vocals performed by Dillon Dixon)

From Scream 2:
16. Phil Gets the Point
17. Sidney Gets a Prank Call
18. Cotton on the News
19. News Conference
20. Gale Bumps Into Cotton
21. Shower (From Stab, the film within the film) †
22. Window Crash (From Stab, the film within the film) †
23. Kill (From Stab, the film within the film) †

From Scream 3:
24. Sunset Pictures (alternate edit)
25. Ghostface Attacks/Ghostface vs. Jennifer/Dewey Falls for Gale
(original demo suite)

From Scream 4:
26. Dewey in the Morning (original demo)
27. Dewey Cleans Up (original demo)
28. Stab Main Title (rejected demo)

Scream (2022) (CD)

The iconic horror franchise Scream gets a fifth installment 25 years later—simply titled Scream (2022)—in which a new killer dons the iconic mask to terrorize the quiet town of Woodsboro.

David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and Roger L. Jackson reprise their roles from the original 1996 film, while Marley Shelton reappears from Scream 4, alongside new stars Melissa Barrera, Mason Gooding, Jenna Ortega and Jack Quaid. Original screenwriter Kevin Williamson serves as Executive Producer.

With the passing of original director Wes Craven in 2015, the new film is directed by modern-day horror filmmakers Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett (V/H/S, Devil’s Due, Southbound). And stepping in as the new franchise composer is Brian Tyler, who scored Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett’s previous film, Ready or Not.

Tyler continues the Scream tradition of avant garde, pulse-pounding orchestral thrills and scares—alongside quieter, reflective strains for the tragedy and loss experienced by the characters. The tension-building soundscapes run over 79 minutes on this jam-packed soundtrack premiere, which is limited to 1800 copies.


  1. New Horizons 3:49
  2. Rules to Survive 3:12
  3. Ring Ring 2:40
  4. Would You Like to Play a Game 6:19
  5. Apparitions 4:10
  6. Amends 3:04
  7. History Repeats 2:27
  8. Suspects, Rules, and Requels 4:52
  9. Cold Refreshments 1:54
  10. In Hot Water 4:16
  11. Pain in the Neck 2:19
  12. Diversions 2:00
  13. Lights Out 3:11
  14. Hospital Visitor 4:58
  15. Sacrifice 5:00
  16. Not My Story 2:09
  17. I Started All This 1:55
  18. Chromeface 2:22
  19. The Expert 1:15
  20. Welcome to Act Three 3:07
  21. Where It All Began 2:20
  22. True Fans 4:10
  23. Passing the Torch 3:57
  24. Ghostface 3:41

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