Bourne Legacy, The (CD)

Bourne Legacy

Bourne Legacy, The (CD)

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The narrative architect behind the Bourne film series, Tony Gilroy, takes the helm in the next chapter of the hugely popular espionage franchise that has earned almost $1 billion at the global box office: The Bourne Legacy. The writer/director expands the Bourne universe created by Robert Ludlum with an original story that introduces us to a new hero (Jeremy Renner) whose life-or-death stakes have been triggered by the events of the first three films.

For The Bourne Legacy, Renner joins fellow series newcomers Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton, Stacy Keach and Oscar Isaac, while franchise veterans Albert Finney, Joan Allen, David Strathairn and Scott Glenn reprise their roles.

Composer James Newton Howard follows in John Powell’s footsteps, taking on the Bourne franchise for this next film chapter evolution of Ludlum’s blockbuster saga.

The classic Bourne song “Extreme Ways” returns in this latest installment in a new version by Moby.



1. Legacy (2:40)
2. Drone (4:15)
3. NRAG (:59)
4. You Fell In Love (1:42)
5. Program Shutdown (3:00)
6. Over The Mountain (:51)
7. High Powered Rifle (2:50)
8. They’re All Dead (2:48)
9. Manila Lab (2:40)
10. Wolves / Sick Ric (2:19)
11. Doctor Of What? (4:28)
12. Aaron In Chicago (1:32)
13. Wolf Attack (2:57)
14. Chem Talk (1:35)
15. Flight 167 (3:30)
16. Aaron Run! (1:08)
17. You Belong Here (1:17)
18. Cognitive Degrade (2:49)
19. 17 Hour Head Start (3:51)
20. Viralled Out (:58)
21. You’re Doing Fine (1:18)
22. Simon Ross (1:37)
23. LARX Tarmac (1:45)
24. Magsaysay Suite (3:04)
25. Aftermath (2:49)
26. Extreme Ways (Bourne’s Legacy) (4:51)
Written by Moby
Music and Lyrics Recorded and Performed by Moby